Meet the Team

Nicolas Kessous, Psy.D. (Columnist) is a first-time blogger. He works as a clinical psychologist in a correctional setting, helping individuals who have perpetrated serious criminal offences commit to a new, crime-free lifestyle. His love of clinical psychology is only matched by his deep skepticism toward it. (On his more self-assured days, he likes to think, as writer Karl Kraus once said of himself, that he possesses “the happy combination of a great talent for psychology with an even greater talent for seeing through it.”) Some would say that Nicolas is hopelessly stuck at the oral stage of his development, as he is deeply passionate about anything edible. Indeed, he spends the better part of each day ingesting food, books, films, etc., and loving every minute of it. Everything precious to him hangs on a clothesline in his hallway.

Caleb Lloyd, Ph.D. (Editor) is an Assistant Professor in Psychology. His research attempts to understand how offenders change to become crime-free, and how the correctional system might impact prosocial change among offenders. Although he doesn’t show up here as an author, never has a post been published without his express approval. À la Lucky Luke, Caleb intrepidly corners felonious first-drafts, shooting insightful feedback their way faster than his very own shadow! Hence, this website is infused with his red-pen-totin’ spirit.